Ways of working

Individual lessons

Individual lesson allow people to discover that they can sing (those who think that they had no voice, or can not sing), teach them how to make an instrument of itself and how to sing better (for those who already sing), by freeing the voice of veils and hindrances which they usually “collect” through upbringing, education, imitation of the others, and “bad habits.” The lessons usually consists of exercises and song (or songs), however, as each individual is different, so is each lesson.

Group lessons

Singing is a means of bringing people together. One common activity makes one common sound. Alongside the main task of uncovering the voice, in group lesson attention is paid to developing the listening. By exercising the listening between individuals we create one common sound, with quality that could be taken as a guide for individual practicing (the common sound of 2 or more people is usually much richer than a sound of single person). Group lessons consists of exercises and songs. The structure and length of group lesson are tailored to the needs and possibilities of each group. Possibilities also exist for individual lessons.

Weekend courses

Through the weekend course one can discover new possibilities of his own voice and how to develop it. Courses usually start Friday afternoon. Saturday work is divided into a morning and an afternoon block. Courses finish on Sunday around lunch time.

Intensive week

During the intensive week, the group works twice a day. The aim of such a week is that one gets to know his own voice better and how to work with it. The length of the course allows the group to go deeper in making an instrument out of themselves, to connect with one’s own voice and to listen to the voices of the others. During the week the group focuses mainly on Werbeck singing exercises and songs. Individual lessons are given upon request.