Voice training

Voice training according to Werbeck-Singing method

„ORPHEUS – the School of Uncovering the Voice“ offers for the first time in Croatia the possibility of voice training according to Werbeck-Singing method. The training is designed for those who want to use the singing voice in their work, but also for those who wish to use it more effectively in private or professional life, i.e., mainly singers or those who want to learn how to sing, therapists, preschool teachers, primary school teachers and music teachers who actively use singing in their work with children, parents, and everyone else who wants to use singing as a tool for personal development.


Werbeck singing – The aim of the training

The aim of the training is to learn how to uncover, develop, maintain, and use singing voice in everyday life and work. The programme includes therapeutic singing exercises, breathing deepening exercises, and exercises for broadening voice range. Students will study about links between phases of voice development and spiritual forces. Since the voice is the intimate part of every human being, the training also includes individual singing lessons. The training combines theory and practical work. Apart from participation at lessons, each student will be asked to fulfil individual assignments. The students will obtain the certificates upon completion of the programme.


The study programme has been developed by prof. Baldo Mikulić, M.A. in Psychology

The study programme has been developed by prof. Baldo Mikulić, M.A. in Psychology, the only certified teacher and therapist of Werbeck-Singing method in this part of Europe, based on lengthy experience in teaching singing and therapeutic work with individuals and groups across Croatia, Slovenia, Canada, Slovak Republic, and Check Republic. Professor Mikulić also worked at the centre for people with developmental disabilities Association La Branche in Switzerland. Several guest teachers cover specific areas of the programme. Duration of the training Werbeck-Singing method training lasts 4 years and includes 600 hours of lectures. Each year is divided into 4 modules – three of which will take place in Zagreb, and one (optional) in Orebić, Pelješac Penninsula, Croatia. Duration of each modul is 4-5 days. Price 900€ per year, in four instalments. Cost of travel, accommodation and food is not included in the price. Content of the training programme Exercises for voice development (Baldo Mikulić) – Individual lessons – Group lessons 1) Singing (Baldo Mikulić) – Solo singing – Choir singing 2) Study of the book “the School of Uncovering your Voice” by Valborg Werbeck– Svärdström 3) Anthroposophy (Katica Radonić) 4) Eurythmy (Alen Guca) 5) Feldenkrais Method (Hrvoje Marko Vitturi) 6) Biography (Katica Radonić) 7) Piano and Music Theory Foundation (optional) (Teodora Zdeličan)

Baldo Mikulić, M.A. in Psychology, certified teacher and therapist of Werbeck-Singing method (the School of Uncovering the Voice) Katica Radonić, (graduated in medical pedagogy and social therapy; art therapy; bioghraphy, and carmic diagnostics) Alen Guca, dipl.jur., dipl. eurythmist, Waldorf teacher Hrvoje Marko Vitturi, bacc. Physioth., Feldenkrais pedagogue, Bones for Life Coach, System Constellation Coach Teodora Zdeličan, musician.

by e-mail info@orpheus.hr, or post. Contact: Baldo Mikulić “Orpheus” Horvatovac 92 10000 Zagreb T: +385 (0)91-1714-322 info@orpheus.hr www.orpheus.hr