Content of the training programme

Content of the training programme


  • Exercises for voice development (Baldo Mikulić)

Individual lessons
Group lessons

  • Singing (Baldo Mikulić)

Solo singing
Choir singing

  • Study of the book “the School of Uncovering your Voice” by Valborg Werbeck– Svärdström
  • Anthroposophy (Katica Radonić)
  • Eurythmy (Alen Guca)
  • Feldenkrais Method (Hrvoje Marko Vitturi)
  • Biography (Katica Radonić)
  • Piano and Music Theory Foundation (optional) (Teodora Zdeličan)


Baldo Mikulić, M.A. in Psychology, certified teacher and therapist of Werbeck-Singing method (the School of Uncovering the Voice)
Katica Radonić, (graduated in medical pedagogy and social therapy; art therapy; bioghraphy, and carmic diagnostics)
Alen Guca, dipl.jur., dipl. eurythmist, Waldorf teacher
Hrvoje Marko Vitturi, bacc. Physioth., Feldenkrais pedagogue, Bones for Life Coach, System Constellation Coach
Teodora Zdeličan