I was born in Kosarnji Do, a small willage on the peninsula Peljesac, where I spent the first eight years of my life. That was my paradise and there I discovered my love for music and singing. As a youngster I felt music in my heart, but I was too shy and I didn’t dare to say nothing of neither to study it.

I began university studies in psychology in Zadar. At that time I did not know that something like Werbeck singing exists in the world. I also knew that to look for something like Werbeck singing I needed to go abroad, and for that I had no courage yet.

During my studies in psychology in Zadar I lived through a war experience which was the best schooling I ever had. Following graduation from university I went to Finland, where I spend five and half years at the “School for Uncovering the Voice” in Lahti. After finishing the “School for Uncovering the Voice,” I took Werbeck Singing Therapy Training in Bochum (Germany), and continue teaching. In March 2004, I finished Werbeck Singing Therapy Training.

Since 1997, I spent couple a months in Switzerland in l’Association La Branche, where I continue to work with people with special needs. At La Branche I also practiced singing and singing therapy with disabled people.

In October 2004, I decided to move to Zagreb (Croatia), and to use this knowledge in my work with people.

Psychologist (University of Rijeka, Croatia)
Certified Werbeck Singing Teacher (“School for Uncovering the Voice” Lahti, Finland)
Certified Werbeck Singing Therapist (“Werbeck Singing Therapy Training” Bochum, Germany)

gives courses in Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Czech Republic
works as an Educator in a centre for mentally handicapped persons at l’Association La Branche (Switzerland)