Werbeck Singing Therapy

Werbeck Singing Therapy

terapija-pjevanjemSinging was always a source of joy, a connection between people, company when working and a deep force of healing and balance for the human being. When we raise our voices in singing together we deepen our connection with ourselves and each other.

“Musical activity is linked with all of the vivifying forces in the human organism; it becomes associated with currents, which as it were, stream through and vivify the entire individual who thus becomes one with and, so to say, grows into union with streaming masses of sound,” Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

“School for uncovering the voice” seeks to develop what is hidden in every voice. In this lies therapeutical forces. People become aware that musical powers are already present in them, and that they can develop them themselves.

In the “School for uncovering the voice” singing is regarded as something which comes from the entire human being, therefore this kind of singing has not only an artistic effect, but also a healing one. Very often there is an extraordinary increase in singing ability. People who had no particular bend towards singing and regarded themselves as “completely untalented” discover capacities which were hidden. Joy in singing awakens and overcomes obstacles in the soul.

The same is true of artistic activity in general. Even where no talent at all has been apparent, it opens up undreamed-of capacities. A great number of people who suffer from ideas of inferiority and other psychological obstacles could be freed from them if these concealed, undeveloped, perhaps even atrophied artistic capabilities, were cultivated in a right way.

With children who suffer from hearing or speech difficulties, simply being part of a choir will have a curative effect, because they are taken along with the sound stream, and uncover their voice through imitation. Being in a choir will not only bring the child to hear better but it will teach him to listen. To be able to listen to another human being is a big step in social adjustment.

terapija-pjevanjemAlongside evident psychological aid, Werbeck Singing Therapy goes much deeper. The exercises are composed of consonants (connected with different parts of the body), and vowels (influence the organs), which are combined with musical elements (tone, rhythm, melody, scale, interval) in order to alleviate or even solve different physiological problems.

The exercises have a healing effect on certain disorders of the respiratory and throat organs. Satisfactory results are achieved in asthma, in case of stuttering and stammering, poor hearing in children, shallow breathing, digestive problems, in case of nervousness, migraine, sleeplessness, and tension etc.

One can achieve success in curative pedagogy: to establish contact with people previously considered as uncooperative or uncommunicative; calms and re-orientate confused and senile; distracts psychotic patients from destructive and aggressive behaviour, from their hallucinations and obsessions.